Monday 4 April 2022

Peter Dickinson, publisher of the English language magazines Business Ukraine and Lviv Today

"Russia's geopolitical positions have become weaker. Everyone is seeing. This is a great threat to Moscow, because if they do not receive anything that can be presented as Russian success in Ukraine, their positions will be much weaker, and we can see the collapse of Russia itself within the next five years. There is a chance of such a thing. The war in Ukraine may become the catalyst of collapse."
Journalist Peter Dickinson, whom I enjoyed meeting on my first visit to Kiev in February 2006, wrote this on Thursday in, an online Ukrainian newspaper.

In his blog on the Atlantic Council site yesterday he calls for the West to provide Ukraine with more arms.
We are now witnessing chilling confirmation of Voltaire’s famous warning that those who can make you believe absurdities can also make you commit atrocities. Russian soldiers taught to deny Ukraine’s very existence and encouraged to regard all Ukrainians as Nazis are engaging in a campaign of coordinated war crimes that threatens to cross the threshold into genocide. Their twisted definition of a “Nazi” has come to include any Ukrainian who does not agree with them and has turned more than 40 million Ukrainians into legitimate targets.

....If Ukraine is provided with the necessary weapons without delay, the chances of a positive outcome are strong. Ukrainian troops have already demonstrated their ability to beat Russia on the battlefield and are highly motivated to defend their homes. They recognize that their country’s very existence depends on their ability to defeat Putin and are acutely aware of the fate that will await them and their loved ones if they should fail. Western leaders must now give them the tools to finish the job.
When the invasion began some people (not I) said that encouraging Ukraine to resist would lead to greater suffering. By now it is clear that Ukraine is resisting with some success.

I thought Russian victory inevitable at the start and still think it very possible. I therefore hoped at the beginning for a negotiated peace, and still do, but a peace now would give the Russians time to strengthen and to attack in renewed force. 

So for the time being the fighting will continue, unless Putin decides to stop it.


  1. Are you familiar with the term, “impotent rage?” That is what the United States and its NATO allies are now experiencing. I suspect that the intel folk who helped the Ukrainians stage the Bucha massacre counted on a tidal wave of rage to push NATO into action. But that has not happened. Instead Europe has opted for more angry words and self-defeating economic sanctions.

    Part of the problem with getting mileage out of the BUCHA narrative designed to portray Russia as 21st Century storm troopers is the internet. While the establishment media around the world can usually be counted on to deliver the propaganda on demand, the internet is still a wild card that can quickly outrun whatever the conventional media tries to move.

    In the case of Bucha, internet sleuths quickly pointed out that the Russians vacated Bucha on the 30th of March; the Mayor of Bucha declared the city free on the 31st without one mention of slaughter; and the bodies on the street did not start showing up until the 2nd of April.

    But there is one other big piece of evidence that did not appear–Social Media. I have yet to see a single reference to a social media post from Bucha dated between 30 March and 1 April that had a worried parent, spouse or sibling agonizing over a disappeared relative. Not one post about people being gunned down in the street by fleeing Russians. Not a word.

    Whoops!! Looks like the masterminds overseeing this psyop forgot to paint the scenery with the appropriate social media background noise. There are some unconfirmed reports that Britain’s MI6 concocted this macabre theater with the Ukrainian service. If true, this oversight stands as a further indictment of their incompetence.

    5 April 2022 by Larry Johnson

    1. Please watch this.

    2. The mayor not mentioning the murders worried me but Bellingcat found on 1 April on Telegram: "the secretary of the Bucha City Council, Taras Shapravsky, stating: “Currently, the city remains under occupation, many mines, houses and even corpses. Therefore, we ask those who remain not to approach dangerous objects. The liberation of the city continues, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defence are working to regain every metre of native land”. Bellingcat's findings are here.
      The case seems to me to be closed.

  2. 'The case seems to me to be closed.'

    No need for a independent investigation then... Got it!
    Bellingcat: the word not mentioned in polite company.

    1. An independent investigation in the Middle of a war, by whom?

    2. That's what western journalists are supposed to do, if you trust them.

    3. The UN can set up a special inquiry commission to investigate war crimes and then hand over the cases to some kind of international war crimes tribunal.