Thursday 28 April 2022

Tirade - I am very cheerful by nature but I tend to sound very grumpy

Watching the BBC is no walk through a garden or roses. It is painful every day.

Last night BBC World TV was broadcasting live Hillary Clinton's eulogy for Mrs Albright. So typical of the BBC which peppers its output with regular clips of Hillary talking about feminism. I don't want to go out of my way to speak ill of the dead unless it's necessary to do so, as with really wicked people like Edward Kennedy, but looking back now knowing about Afghanistan Iraq Libya etc., she looks an appalling warmonger, who became Secretary of State because of her sex not merit. I refer to Mrs A in case you're wondering. 

The BBC is very biased towards small l liberalism but not biassed in a partisan sense in the UK. In the US it is very biassed towards the Democrats. Every BBC programme during the 2020 election was a commercial for Biden.

This morning on BBC World I watched an interview with an actress starring in a film about abortion and 'women's sexual and reproductive rights' - she said she had grown from a young lady into a woman while making the film. The BBC man told her that anti-abortion groups would be offended by the film and the viewer understood that this was because they were bigots and small town hicks.

The BBC opposes free speech on the internet and worries about 'misinformation', while spreading a very great deal of it itself. We put up with 'misinformation' about Covid being banned on social media and hate speech of course ditto (extending to the speech by the leader of the German opposition). 

Now pro-Russian opinions are being suppressed. 

There are limits on 'climate change denial' on social media, despite President Trump being a climate change denier.

England and all the West becomes less and less free, day by day.

The Head of MI6 criticises Russia is a bad country because she does not have enough laws against discrimination. He tweeted the day after Russia invaded the Ukraine
With the tragedy and destruction unfolding so distressingly in Ukraine, we should remember the values and hard won freedoms that distinguish us from Putin, none more than LGBT+ rights. So let’s resume our series of tweets to mark #LGBTHM2022.”
Homosexual acts were legalised in Russia in 1993, so he is not talking about freedom, which is something England stood for even in the 17th century, though it wasn't extended to include homosexual acts until 1967. 

He is talking about something quite different, lack of restrictions on freedom, lack of anti-discrimination laws. If you think these and other anti-discrimination laws are a good thing that's fine, but are they really an essential value like, in the first Cold War, freedom and democracy were?

M thinks so.

Does anyone still believe in freedom in England any more?

Sir Christopher Chope, a few other elderly Tory MPs and peers and the elderly Peter Hitchens. 

In America, half the country still does, and thereby earn the contempt of the British public.

In the 1980s I thought Mrs Thatcher never did anything conservative and that libertarians were ideologues who wanted to close public libraries, but in fact I am almost a libertarian, opposed to most new laws, especially employment legislation. 

Libertarians can be social conservatives, I now see. Mrs Thatcher was neither of those two things, but she was a true Tory and true Christian, of a rather uninspiring, Methodist sort. 

Since she was forced from office the Tory left have run the show in the UK along with the Blairites and New Labour whom they came closely to resemble. That includes, of course, Boris.

If you seek their monument, gentle English reader, look around you.


  1. I get the BBC at second hand via my husband, who is currently gungho for war with Russia. It's only having sane friends like yourself that keeps me sane (assuming, of course, that I am).

    1. What is your view about the war? I am passionately on the Ukrainian side despite my utter loathing for Biden, Macron and, in his Churchillian incarnation, Boris. I want peace as soon as possible not a long proxy war which destroys Ukraine.