Tuesday 6 September 2022

Brexit’s Last Hope


Boris Johnson was PM for 3 years 44 days, compared to 3 years 11 days for Theresa May. 

Prime Ministers care about these things. 

Callaghan lasted 3 years 29 days, but that period seems much longer to me because I was in my early teens. 

The Duke of Wellington, who was no good, Gordon Brown, who was much worse, and Chamberlain, a brilliant man who was tried by fire, lasted less time than Boris. 

Edward Heath and Lord Grey of the Reform Act lasted a bit longer but not much.

Of course we miss Boris already, of course La Truss will bore us to death, and possibly be useless, but he had to go. 

Let's hope the Carbon Zero policy and almost open borders to migrants from every continent go with him, but I doubt they will.

Allister Heath last week said,
"Truss is Brexit’s last hope: there won’t be a fourth chance after Theresa May and Boris Johnson. Continued support for Brexit is correlated with support for the Tories: a slide in the latter leads to a decline in the former." 

Liz Truss didn't have nerve to give social conservative Kemi Badenoch Culture (dread word) or Education. I very much doubt Miss Truss's anti-Woke credentials for reasons given in this article, by a man called Raheem Kassam, with this wonderful headline and what is known in the trade as a drop head. 

Liz Truss is Just Boris Johnson in Drag.

A neo-liberal adulteress who wants to ratchet up Davos's war in Ukraine.

Readers of my blog will remember that I have called Boris many times 'Hillary in drag'. 

I was right about that, as we see now clearly.

Matt Goodwin is right about this:

It is said that, in the end, all Prime Ministers are only ever remembered for one thing. For Boris Johnson it will be Getting Brexit Done -the most significant political & constitutional change in recent history. All else -the Covid jabs, Ukraine, scandals- will be second to that

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  1. Switzerland invaded the Ukraine? I guess it's back to the atlas for me.