Friday 9 September 2022

Someone came in and said the old Queen had passed away


This scene from my favourite comedy film, the Ladykillers, has been in my mind since the sad news yesterday. Mrs. Wilberforce remembers that at her 21st birthday party "someone came in and said the old Queen had passed away. Then everyone went home. That was the end of my party, all that time ago in Pangbourne." 


  1. I think you mean Mrs Lopsided, don't you?

  2. I do.
    At school I thought it was eccentric of someone of my age to like old films but it turned out that it was mainstream.

  3. She was played by Katie Johnson who went on the stage in the 1890s, first appeared in a film in 1932, but never received critical acclaim until 1955, when aged 77 she was in the The Ladykillers. She won the BAFTA for best British actress for that and died less than two years later.

  4. One of my favorite Alec Guinness as well.