Friday 20 January 2023

Girls talk on Twitter



Smartacus - Shadow Banned it
The authoritarianism the past two years had the amazing effect of uniting a lot of people of disparate political beliefs. It has united the free-thinkers and clearly identified the order-followers. Using persuasion, not ridicule we can pull more people out of the matrix.

The Ardern worship comes from the same brain that thinks women are inherently better leaders - and indeed made this claim regarding Covid policy. There's not much point highlighting the counter-factual evidence here. Spoils the warm fuzzy feeling of contented self-righteousnesss.

On every matter, whatever the evidence, people rush to their safe positions. Not only does evidence not count for much anymore, but even when it does, it is very quickly forgotten in favour of the grander narrative of whatever it is. In this case, the Glorious Girlboss

Some friends and I were discussing the demise of the hostess, as in the brilliant and intellectual women who used to lead society and politics. Now everyone is either a “socialite” (implication, braindead), or an influencer (implication, thinks Metternich is a luxury brand).


  1. Adjusted for population, New Zealand's covid deaths as a percentage of the population were far, far lower than the US death toll. Jacinda Ardern must have done something right.

    1. Hello - welcome back. I was wondering if you still read me.

    2. Sex-craved Kiwis who belong to the religion of Covidism received some good news from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who announced that up to 25 people – but no more than that – can now safely participate in an orgy without risking infection from the Fauci Virus (Covid-19).

      In an announcement, Ardern explained that based on the country’s “traffic light system” criteria, New Zealanders who want to have sex with lots of people at one time can do so while still stopping the spread and flattening the curve.

      “I can confirm that Tinder liaisons have reopened,” Ardern told Seven Sharp in an interview on December 3. “It’s not strictly embedded in the traffic light system, but, um, it is a given – up to 25, actually, in a ‘red’ area.”

      New Zealanders should avoid participating in orgies with more than 25 people because that type of scenario would allow the Wuhan Disease to spread.

    3. Thank you, Toma. An extraordinary footnote to an extraordinary historical period.