Tuesday 17 January 2023

Quotations from King Charles III

I was a teenager in the 1960s and remember witnessing what I realise now was a kind of cultural revolution which swept out the poor old baby with the bathwater.
Speech at the Prince of Wales Education summer school, October 4 2002

Do you seriously expect me to be the first Prince of Wales in history not to have a mistress?
According to Robert Kay who said the old Princess of Wales told him.

A large number of us have developed a feeling that architects tend to design houses for the approval of fellow architects and critics, not for the tenants.
Speech at the 150th anniversary of the Royal Institute of British Architects, May 30 1984

I am one of those who do not believe, as the scientific rationalists seem to, that human consciousness is the product merely of brain processes, or that the cosmos is a huge machine to be examined, experimented with and manipulated by man for his own all-knowing purposes. There is more to mankind, in my view, than a mere mechanical object functioning in a mechanistic world, which has evolved from the clockwork universe of Newton to the computer models now deemed to possess artificial intelligence. Despite all the dramatic changes that have been wrought by science and technology, and the remarkable benefits they have brought us, there remains deep in the soul of each of us a vital metaphysical ingredient which makes life worth living . . . Great literature offers one of the keys to understanding these truths and to understanding ourselves.
Annual Shakespeare birthday lecture, April 22 1991

We no more want to live in anonymous concrete blocks that are just like anywhere else in the world than we want to eat anonymous junk food which can be bought anywhere.
Speech at the Terra Madre (Mother Earth) conference, Turin, October 23 2004

In Britain we are rapidly losing what is left of our local culture. When we finally wake up and find it all gone, it will not be possible to reinvent it - or grow it in a test tube.
Message to Suffolk Agricultural Association for their conference in February 2004

What I want to know is; what is actually wrong with an elite, for God's sake?
Quoted in the Observer, 1985

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