Friday 28 July 2023

They chose the wrong person to mug in Nigel Farage


He mugged them back.

In case you don't know, his bank account at Coutt's was closed for what turned out, when he demanded and received the internal documents using the EU's GDPR laws, political reasons.

The bank officials thought he was bad for their reputation but their reputation and share price have fallen through the floor now. The CEO of Coutt's and its parent NatWest have resigned.

A rare victory for the forces of light.

But the Conservative government should have fought woke for 13 wasted years, not noticed it now when forced to by Nigel Farage. 

It's worse than that. 

The Conservative government is itself woke.

I don't know much about Mr Farage. Most of what I know I like.

Without him we'd still be in the European Union.

That makes him the most significant British politician since Churchill, just surpassing Mr Blair.

A friend of mine, the historian Helen Szamuely, persuaded him to join UKIP when it first began. 

She left the party and came to hate him.

Like many academics she was a great hater. 

When we had dinner to celebrate the referendum result she refused to give him any credit.

I wish I had asked her why she hated him. 

She died shortly afterwards. I am so pleased that she lived to see the cause to which she had dedicated most of her life triumph.

Mr Farage is a brilliant TV performer and almost the last genuine conservative in English politics.

Obviously he is not a money launderer but when the King's people received three million in notes in a suitcase from Qatar did they deposit it at his bank Coutts?

Obviously Mr Farage is not in the pay of a foreign country.

But even if he were, why should this be the business of anyone else?

But if you hate Brexit you might think he is a Russian agent, just like lots of the American establishment genuinely thought Donald Trump was.

Someone said that the only psychology a historian needs is to know all men seek power, but it isn't true. The belief that right-wingers are paid by Russia is a psychological condition.

Now that a new cold war is starting every populist will be accused of taking the Kremlin's gold, like left-wing parties were in the 1920s.

The innumerable Russian attempts at subversion never had any effect on the West from 1920 till now nor the Western attempts to subvert the Soviet Union.

American interference in Ukraine is another story. That may have brought down Yanukovych. Nobody knows except possibly the CIA.

Someone said to me, preposterously, the other day that Jordan Petersen is an entry drug to Andrew Tate (the only time I shall mention that uninteresting man's name).

That's silly, but feminism is the entry drug to Woke.

Women are disproportionately responsible for the spread of this contagion.

According to an article about the CEO of NatWest Dame Alison Rose, who yesterday got the old heave-ho:

<She also had a huge impact on the culture of the bank, giving her personal backing to causes such as boosting diversity and reducing NatWest’s carbon footprint. Shortly after she was appointed she declared tackling climate change would be a “central pillar” of her leadership. New loans for oil and gas extraction were quickly ended.
In September 2018 she was appointed to lead the Treasury’s review of barriers to women in business, leading to an influential policy paper published in April 2019.
Internally the bank changed enormously, with, for example, non-binary staff allowed to identify as men or women on different days in one of a series of LGBT friendly “woke” measures that had already marked her card among supporters of Nigel Farage long before the crisis that ended her career at the bank.>

I could have opened an account with Coutt's at university so long as I promised I'd earn 20,000 a year. I wish I had.

George V complained when his bank was bought "We don't bank with National Provincial whatever. We bank with Coutt's.'

My daddy used to take me into Coutt's when we visited London every three months and I approved of the bank clerks in morning dress.

All that has gone. It's no longer civilised and you have to make much more than 20,000 to bank there.



    The fact that Jacob Rees Moggs’ vehicle SCM also made a killing on a short position they took before GB News ,where both Farage and JRM work, took a unilateral offensive on Coutts/NW says everything on this non story. Forces of light? How ridiculous . Farage was downgraded not debanked. He is ,in common with most Brexiteers,so full of a sense of entitlement and self importance, it bursts his seams and his filling spills out.

  2. Women are the cause of wokeism? Misogyny writ large .


  3. Niall Gooch
    The single funniest thing about the NatWest clown show is that it's completely self-inflicted. It's not that they faced a difficult choice & picked the wrong option; they've manufactured a problem from thin air.
    6:03 PM · Jul 27, 2023

  4. You are wrong about Soviet subversion having no effect — on YouTube you’ll find the G. Edward Griffin interview of Yuri Bezmenov called “Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press”, see what you make of that.