Wednesday 27 September 2023

From Douglas Murray's wonderful piece about Teen Vogue


'Even earlier this year, in April, Teen Vogue published an article headlined “What ‘Capitalism’ Is And How It Affects People“. It was an explicitly anti-capitalist piece written by a campaigning anti-capitalist called Kim Kelly. On social media, the publication promoted this piece under the heading “Everything you need to know about capitalism”. A surprising claim, and – some might say – presumptuous. After all, is it really possible to write everything that people might need to know about capitalism in one article? And if so would the likely source of such an article really be Teen Vogue?' 

'Because on the political right the fall-away from the political centre is portrayed as being exceptionally close to that centre and almost unbelievably vertiginous from there. You might step one place to the right by arguing for lower taxes. But take one step further and – woah – it’s all the way down to Nazism. Take a step leftwards, by contrast, and you can just keep going and going, running all the way to an end. An end that never includes the Gulag.' 

The obsession with the Nazis dominates Western history since 1945 and becomes more dominating with each year that passes. The book we badly need is a History of Anti Racism since 1945. I suggested this to a famous conservative historian who replied, "My dear Paul, you are inviting me to throw away my career".


  1. 'And if so would the likely source of such an article really be Teen Vogue?'

    Of course not, Douglas. Teen Vogue should stick to sex:

    Anal Sex: Safety, How tos, Tips, and More
    How to do it the right way.
    NOVEMBER 12, 2019

    1. Me neither, but I don't remember DM complaining about that type of article in a teens magazine.

    2. Others certainly did - I don't know how assiduous a reader of it he is.

    3. He must have heard. That one was right up his alley, I reckon.

    4. He thinks a great many people do not align with conservatives because they associate conservatives with sexual conservatism and disliking what used to be called 'permissiveness'. I understand what you are implying. I think he is only interested in the girls who read Teen Vogue in the sense of wanting to protect them and the Vogue reading class generally from political indoctrination.