Wednesday 27 September 2023

Suella Braverman, who went to my college, seems to be a good thing

Twitter, now lamely X, sends me tweets (now Xes) unbidden and always ones expressing establishment views. I was presented with these two at the top of my feed this morning. 

Hugo Rifkind (is also on Threads as @hugorif)
Remarkable to hear Braverman say multiculturalism has failed. She's a British Home Secretary descended from Goan Indians from Mauritius and Kenya, married to a Jewish husband, in a government headed by Britain's first Hindu PM. What would successful multiculturalism look like?

‘Multiculturalism has failed’ says Suella Braverman who is from Kenyan and Mauritian background and married to a Jew, serving as Home Secretary in a govt led by someone whose family came from India. Wonder what multicultural success looks like…..

The Home Secretary is provoking outrage (allegedly) whereas Lawrence Fox inadvertently threw away his acting career (his agent refused to represent him) when he denied, on the BBC TV programme Question Time, that Britain is a racist country. 'We're a lovely country' were his words and they have not been forgiven. 

So damned if you think Britain is doing fine about race and damned if you think the opposite. In fact, both Mrs. Braverman and Mr. Fox are right, though senior Home Office civil servants disagree with their boss.

A very wise remark in the Telegraph today by Rakib Ehsan:

The gravest danger to Britain’s multi-ethnic democracy is not white-British racism – it is the importation of tribal ideologies fuelling tensions between its minorities. Whether it is American-inspired racial identity politics, subcontinental-style communalism, or Arab-world sectarianism, community cohesion in relatively diverse parts of the country is under strain. It is made worse by the fundamental lack of political, social, and law-and-order leadership on this front.

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