Thursday 2 November 2023

Hamas put Israel in a lose lose situation, as America did Russia


When Russia invaded Ukraine a Romanian friend said America had put Russia in a lose-lose situation. 

Russia lost by invading or not invading. I argued against her back then but she was right, though I do not think that the Americans wanted the invasion. They are naïve Wilsonian liberals in many ways. 

Hamas which is not naïve has deliberately put Israel in a lose lose situation.

The reaction in the UK horrifies me. Conservatives and centrists who opposed cancel culture and tendentious accusations of racism are now demanding demonstrations in favour of Palestine be banned. Often they accuse people who oppose Israeli actions of anti-Semitism.

Universities are suddenly losing donors in the USA because of events in Israel who had tolerated the excesses of anti-whiteness hitherto.

Meanwhile the pro-Palestinian left accuses Israel of being a colonial project. This is unanswerably true but is fiercely denied. 

Nobody is saying colonialism did a huge amount of good or that the Arab-Israel dispute is not about Western civilisation but is a tribal conflict.

Israelis are colonists but also the colony of America. It suits the American defence establishment to have a fifty first state close to the oilfields. 

Despite the outpouring of feeling in the newspapers in the UK against pro-Palestinian Muslims (not among the public) no journalist or politician in the UK suggests taking in no more refugees and no more immigrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Their emotions instead are channelled into anger about terrorism on another continent.

How much better even the useless George W Bush was than Biden is shown in this cutting.


  1. "Why Palestine solidarity is so pathologised by this country's establishment: to those invested in Britain's colonial legacy, there can be something quite appalling about a population that is non-white, majority Muslim, and ready to fight for its sovereignty against a power that is at least partially coded as European in the British political imagination." - Reuben Bard-Rosenberg.

  2. Bush knocked off at least 300,000 Iraqis for trumped-up lying reasons. He should keep his mouth shut.