Saturday 18 November 2023

The rules based order that America champions

From the Pakistani English language newspaper Dawn, May 5, 2008.

The United States had threatened to use force against Saudi Arabia in 1973 after King Faisal and other Arab and Muslim leaders imposed an embargo on oil shipments to western countries which supported Israel during the October War, Prince Turki Al-Faisal, former Saudi intelligence chief and ambassador to Washington, said in an interview with the Arabic daily Asharq Al-Awsat.

In the interview that appeared ahead of a seminar on King Faisal, Prince Turki, son of the former Saudi king, shed light on important events that took place during his father’s rule.

Prince Turki, who was an adviser at the Royal Court in 1973 when King Faisal took the oil embargo decision, said the king was not shaken by the US threat and stood firm.

He added that the embargo was instrumental in encouraging the US to find a quick and just solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. “King Faisal and other Arab leaders were forced to take the decision as a result of America’s unprecedented support for Israel during the (1973 Arab-Israel) war,” the prince said. The embargo resulted in almost quadrupling of the world oil prices in what is termed the ‘first oil shock.’


  1. Not awfully clear what is meant by “a quick and just solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict”. It can’t be Camp David or the Egypt-Israeli peace treaty, as the Saudis were mad as hell about that!

  2. Timely reminder. What seminar was it?

    1. [apologies...] I am wondering which seminar is mentioned in text, on the first line of paragraph two. Of course I do not know how this might matter, I am simply curious.
      Then, on another hand, the '73 embargo is interesting enough to think over: it was a response by too much power to a posit of too much power, a joint recognition of intractable positions to be held as they were...