Friday 3 November 2023

I love Vovan and Lexus

I absolutely love Vovan and Lexus, the Russian pranksters of whom pompous people disapprove.

One of them called Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni claiming to be “an African politician” and asking her about the war in Ukraine. The whole conversation is very well worth listening to.

“There is a lot of tiredness on all sides,” she said. “The moment is approaching when everyone will understand that we need a way out. Ukraine’s counteroffensive is not going as expected … It has not changed the fate of the conflict, and everyone understands that it could last many years if we don’t find a solution. The Ukrainians are doing what they have to do and we are trying to help them.”

The problem, she said, was “finding a way out that is acceptable for both sides without destroying international law. I have some ideas on how to manage this situation, but I’m waiting for the right moment to put them on the table.”

It's encouraging that she is thinking like this. Of course, a ceasefire that hardens into a permanent division of Ukraine is the solution. Foolish people clutch for smelling salts at this idea.

The last time I heard of the pair one called Kissinger pretending to be Zelensky and asking him who he thought had destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline. A very long pause ensued, then "I thought you did".

In 2022 they talked to the British Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace and the British Home Secretary Priti Patel. After this prank, the British Ministry of Defence had YouTube remove all videos of calls by the pair. 

They are solemnly accused of being pro-Russian which is hardly surprising as they are Russian. They are now on Rumble.

More power to their elbows.


  1. It would be wonderful if they could get to Netanyahu....."They are solemnly accused of being pro-Russian which is hardly surprising as they are Russian." Hilarious.

  2. You don't have to be pompous to think pranking people is stupid and juvenile.

    Signora Meloni acquitted herself rather well.

    1. Politicians not people - yes she sounded very wise, as one would expect of her, and we the public learnt a lot as did Russia and Ukraine. No doubt EU privacy laws were broken.