Tuesday 28 November 2023

Ukraine Peace Negotiation proposal by Professors Peter Brandt, Horst Teltschik and Hajo Funke and General Harald Kujat


The proposal is here. I quote from it.

"The war could have been prevented, had the West accepted a neutral status for Ukraine – which Zelensky was initially quite willing to do – renounced NATO membership and enforced the Minsk II agreement on minority rights for the Russian-speaking population. The war could have ended in early April 2022 if the West had allowed the Istanbul negotiations to be concluded. It is now once again, and possibly for the last time, the responsibility of the “collective West” and especially the USA to set a course towards a ceasefire and peace negotiations." 

Retired German General Kujat predicted the Afghan occupation had failed and that the Taliban would return to power back in 2011. In 2016 he praised Russia for enabling peace to come to Syria. 

He is a lot more prescient than Mrs Victoria Nuland. 

I heard of this in this interesting discussion with Colonel Douglas MacGregor at 14.5 minutes. 

I don't listen often to Colonel MacGregor but should do so. He and Alistair Crooke seem the most interesting people discussing the war in Gaza. Colonel MacGregor is also often good on Ukraine though he thinks too kindly of Putin and has no evidence for the huge estimate he makes of Ukrainian casualties.


  1. I'm not sure about MacGregor. He was saying a couple of weeks ago there was a real chance of Turkey invading Israel via Syria....

    1. Was he? He reminded me that 13 years ago the Israelis shot dead ten Turks in a flotilla sent to give humanitarian supplies to Gaza.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaza_flotilla_raid
      His estimates for Ukrainian war dead are not believable or supported by any evidence at all. Somewhere I have noted what he said. He expected the Russians to defeat the Ukraine in 2 weeks, but so did everyone.