Tuesday 9 January 2024

Douglas Macgregor talks very good sense. I hope he is in the cabinet if Trump returns.


I gave up the English speaking media but listen occasionally to retired US Colonel Douglas Macgregor. In this interview he makes a lot of excellent points.  

When a great power goes to war for a small country the small country ends up controlling the big one. The Czar going to war for Serbia meant the destruction of Russia. 

Colonel Macgregor could have mentioned the way North Korea and North Vietnam manipulated Russia and Israel manipulates America.

He rightly says there is no reason for the USA to be in Syria, Iraq or Africa.  Trump, he said, saw this. Very good for Trump but why did he do nothing about it?

The fighting in Gaza will go on a very long time and is caused by anger rather than strategy. It will harm Israel and America.

Americans dehumanise Arabs, and possibly Muslims in general, as Americans did the enemy, especially the Japanese, in the Second World War.

The  Russians and Chinese need do nothing to harm the USA. They can sit back, pour themselves a drink, light a smoke and watch America destroying herself through an effectively open border.

Roosevelt was responsible for Pearl Harbor by ignoring all advice and leaving the fleet there. Colonel Macgregor says there's a mountain of evidence that he wanted an attack to enable him to go to England's defence.  

(But had Hitler not declared war how would that have worked?)

People in Washington know that they are responsible for the invasion of Ukraine and know Ukraine is a lost cause. 

Whatever Netanyahu does if he provokes war with Iran the US will go to war without a second thought.

(It would be like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa going to war with Germany in September 1939.)

The Arab and Turkish populations are intensely hostile to Israel and America. I bet. 

World opinion is hostile to Israel but Israel doesn't care because they have American support.

(Ukraine also relied on American support and ignored Russian interests. How much harm America does. Unlike Israel, poor Ukraine's hold on America is ephemeral.)


  1. Well..Biden surely cannot serve another term !!?? Trump was on the Flight List...Ukraine is slowly being forgotten...Jews are hated all over the internet...and Muslims are invading every country with an endless fleet of young males...What else could possibly go wrong ???..Don't answer that..that way lies insanity

  2. All combatants dehumanize their enemies.

  3. I've been a bit sceptical of this guy after seeing him say a month or so ago that there was a real possibility of Turkey invading Israel via Syria.