Sunday 6 November 2011

At my age I know this is profoundly true

"HERE are two things in which all men are manifestly and unmistakably equal. They are not equally clever or equally muscular or equally fat, as the sages of the modern reaction (with piercing insight) perceive. But this is a spiritual certainty, that all men are tragic. And this again is an equally sublime spiritual certainty that all men are comic." G.K. Chesterton


  1. Equally tragic? I don't get it What's so tragic about men? Sounds very noble and poetic but I certainly don't feel tragic.

  2. Your response surprises me. GK Chesterton said: "Other people's lives are human documents. One's own is always a melodrama." You put me in mind of quoting this to a beloved, very well balanced friend, who works as a lawyer in the British civil service, reads good books and goes to see art films, has 'money of his own'and lives contentedly in a large house in Islington. He said: "My life is not a melodrama at all."

  3. We are born to die and we know it - this is tragic, surely?