Tuesday 22 November 2011

St. Edmund King and Martyr, pray for us

I learnt today that Sunday was St Edmund's Day.  My patron saint and I did not know. I had forgotten that he was patron saint of England before St. Edward the Confessor and then latterly St. George. I have sometimes wondered - although I chose him at my confirmation - how saintly those warrior saints really were. St Stephen the Great, recently canonised by the Romanian Orthodox Church, is said to have fathered a child in every town he conquered or laid siege to. But St. Edmund was a great hero certainly.  I am not convinced of the Confessor's sanctity either which seems to be based on his not having children, thus allowing William I to invade and conquer England. . And I am not sure who St George was but am old enough to remember him being decanonised much to the indignation of patriotic Anglican Englishmen. That really was Papal Aggression.

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