Sunday 6 November 2011

Genosuicide is that a word?


Ill fares the land to hast'ning ills a prey..

A report named UN World Population Prospects came out last month. It showed that Romania's birth rate already very low has fallen very steeply in the last year. UN researchers calculated at what rate nations risk disappearing, which includes Romania along with Russia in the first 10 countries to disappear, if birth rates do not increase.

I am no mathematician but I do not believe any population will diminish to zero. Not so long as men and women continue to find each other attractive.

Norway and the USA will be among the last to disappear. They continue to reproduce because of immigrants. 

Romania is already replacing her missing generation with immigrants from China, Africa etc. I think this is sad. Russia and Japan will not - which will be survivable for Japan as people there do not rely on the state for support in old age. By 2050 Egypt and Russia are expected to have the same population. Perhaps in Russia and Romania too people do not rely on the state, have a subsistence economy in the countryside, look after their parents.


  1. Can you please post a link to the findings of that report?

  2. How rude (did you learn than from a Romanian because English people are usually very polite?) . I couldn't find it on Google; that's why I asked if you can post a link.

    1. I am sorry but I cannot help you. I read about the report on the net.