Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Girl guides go Godless

A sad piece of news from the Independent.
For decades, Brownies and Girl Guides have promised to “love my God,” and “serve the Queen and my country”. But now, in a triumph for secularists, the organisation has decided to drop references to the deity – and the nation – from the oath taken by members.

Instead the Guide will promise

  to be true to myself and develop my beliefs.

What a narcissistic, pagan and empty promise and how appropriate for the age. What tedious young women these new guides threaten to grow into. I also discover that bob-a-job was abolished twenty years ago, but that was boy scouts.

"However, the Guides decided to retain the pledge to serve their patron Queen Elizabeth II in the Promise. Anti-monarchy campaigners told The Independent that the organisation had “missed” an “opportunity” to truly open up the organisation."

It sounds like a parody, perhaps written by Evelyn Waugh. Who are these anti-monarchy campaigners?

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