Saturday 22 June 2013

The death of King William IV

Frederic Harrison said his first memory was of his father paying a very rare visit to the nursery and saying, 
'Frederic, I am going to tell you something now that you will remember for the rest of your life. The King is dead.' 

'I said, "Oh, papa, who will be King now?" and my father said, "We are not going to have a king. We are going to have a queen." 
'And I said, "So it has come to that." '


  1. today's big smile

  2. I thought it funny but was not sure if anyone else would but when I read it to my parents they both fell about. I am not sure it is permissible to joke about gender issues any more though.

  3. It was funny, I smiled ear to ear ... so yes, it has come to that :) Doina Manea

  4. It's further proof that political correctness run amok diminishes society of fun, gayity, healthy delight, freedom and creativity.