Wednesday 23 November 2016

The purpose of a nation is to exclude people

The purpose of a nation, like any other club, or like any house or dwelling, is to exclude people. This is its raison d'être. Discuss.

Excluding others is one important purpose of states, rather than countries, I suppose. I am not sure countries or nations should have purposes. I rather think they shouldn't.


  1. Neither houses, nor clubs are made to exclude people. But this is a necessary, if unwelcome, consequence of fulfilling their primary function, which is to shelter or bring similar people together, respectively. The same for nation.

  2. I would not call that exactly a purpose. Laura Ilinca

  3. Mr. Wood

    Of course Nations, clubs and houses are made to exclude people.

    Nations are make up of people who share a common ethnic descent. Anyone who is not of that descent is excluded.

    Clubs are made up of people who share a common interest or taste. Anyone who does not share that interest or taste is excluded.

    I live in a house, but if you found me sitting on your couch eating your food, watching your TV, you would most likely want to know what I was doing there. Why? Because I live in a specific house, and that is not the same one that you live in, your house is not mine and via versa.

    The purpose of each is to exclude, not to include. If there purpose was to include then they wouldn't exist because they would never need to exist nor could they exist.

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future

  4. The purpose of nations to prevent the other power cliques from making money off your subjects while persuading the subjects they should be content with not having a choice about who is ripping them off.

  5. If you've been excluded from a jazz-lovers' club because you hate jazz and you like classical music the answer is to go and join a classical music lovers' club, not to try to subvert the jazz-lovers' club. And if you then want to ban jazz fans from your classical music club go right ahead. You have every right to do so. Jazz clubs for jazz fans. Classical music clubs for classical music fans.