Friday 4 November 2016

God Save the Queen


On the BBC's main political news programme, Newsnight, presenter Kirsty Wark's response to an MP's suggestion that the BBC should play God Save the Queen at close down every night, as they used always to do, was to play the Sex Pistols singing their version of God Save the Queen. 

All stuff the BBC was, of course, far too terrified to broadcast when it came out 40 years ago. A song that offends the sort of people who vote Tory or even voted for Brexit, so of no concern to the BBC.

The BBC, paid for by all TV users, doesn't understand why people say it is biased to the left or should be abolished.

Romanians would be outraged if the state TV did something like this - but in Eastern Europe people think like normal human beings and have not become decadent.

No outrage in the British press - where are the mauve faced retired majors of yesteryear?

The BBC in fact used to be very reverential about just one British institution, the monarchy. No longer. 

In fact the BBC still is reverential - but about foreigners not the Queen. Compare the way they treated and treat Nelson Mandela. The mourning on the BBC on his death made my friend Sean Gabb compare it with the official mourning in the USSR on the death of Stalin.

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