Wednesday 2 November 2016

Hilaire Belloc's Ballade of Good Tidings

The other day the £ fell out of bed

With consequences that are far from clear ;

For instance, Eldorado Deeps, instead

Of jumping up, incline to lurch and veer ;

And while Commander Turtle thinks it queer

Professor Guff is willing to explain ;

But anyhow, the quiet profiteer

Will miss the Riviera and Champagne.


The out o'work will miss his loaf of bread,

The half-at-work will miss his glass of beer,

The City clerk — who might as well be dead —

Will miss the slight advance in his career,

And very many of my friends, I fear,

(Like Algernon, who hasn't got a brain)

A'pacing hollow-eyed on Brighton Pier,

Will miss the Riviera and Champagne.


Ladies and Lords who once on glory fed,

Renaldo, Pharamond and Guinevere,

And Francis, that in glittering armour led

The long defile of Lance and Halbadier ;

High Captains of an elder world, give ear —

Csesar and Bonaparte and Charlemagne —

The nobler masters of our modern sphere

Will miss the Riviera and Champagne.


Prince, Oh my Prince, 'Tis heavenly to hear ! 

Stroke the piano ; croon it once again " 

The Rich, the Very Rich, this very year, 

Will miss the Riviera and Champagne."

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