Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Revolutions bring odd people like Trump to power

NC called for Trump. It does look like he will win. What a revolutionary year 2016 is like 1989 and 1789.

Trump is a demagogue and unknown quality but this is a non violent revolution. Revolutions bring odd people to power. Demographics probably made this the last time something like this could happen. I suppose the 1933 election was the last comparable election but the New Deal was largely a cut and paste of Hoover's policies.

It's partly a revolt by women against feminism and whites against mass immigration. The Trump voters don't think Trump is a good candidate but he is a battering ram with which to force a citadel.

Of course Trump is not far right or even right at all but Andrew Neil compares him to Orban and the Greek communist-ish government.


  1. I'll give you that your call with Network was right except at the end of that he died, in this dirama life yet again outdoes art

  2. When there are T80's parked on Piata Romana I will remind you of that. In his position as POTUS one of the ways he can deliver on his promises to the mob is to cut support to Eastern Europe a weaker EU would suit his reset

    1. I am very impatient about the misuse of the Russian threat by liberal internationalists. I wonder why the people who are sanguine about mass immigration are the ones who are alarmed and alarmist about Russia. Because Russia is the antithesis of liberal internationalism, I suppose. And I in no way condone Russia's war crimes or attack on Ukraine etc.

  3. "In my life, I have prayed but one prayer: Oh, Lord, make my enemies look ridiculous. And God granted it." -Voltaire

    Greetings from the USA. As I write, it certainly appears that Trump has a most certain path to victory. Te Deum Laudamus.

  4. I am not hopeful, Trump brings nothing new in his demagoguery it's as old as the rhetoric of the forum inciting the mob because this , like Brexit is not a victory for the people it's the people being deliberately enraged by a monied elite of second rate minds swiping at the expert and clever. The tweet by Brad Frazer is right. It is the working man and class bullies revenge against the nerds and arty types who have benefitted from metropolitisation, gentrification and the knowledge economy at the cost of heavy industry and the hinterlands. It will get worse too, unless Trump bans robots and hobbles silicon valley the Third revolution will only exasperate the current issues.
    You still don't see my point that this anger and polarisation ,radicalisation,mass migration is a symptom of a change that is coming that will be so fundamental we will have to rethink our entire political and economic system if we are not to descend into a future where 90% of the population is surplus, except as consumers .

    I do fear for the future. In London just a few weeks ago walking down the street with a Romanian friend and a middle aged woman shouts out " Oi Paki F@@@ off home!" It's been twenty five years since it seemed acceptable to voice that kind of hate in public against the other ,and from a middle class lady in Ladbroke Grove I think even thirty years ago it might have been under the breath. People like Trump and Farage give people a mandate to act like that, to feel vindicated that it is all someone else's fault.

  5. David in Banja Luka9 November 2016 at 15:45

    "a middle aged woman shouts out " Oi Paki F@@@ off home!"

    "and from a middle class lady"

    1. Ladies don't shout any abuse in the street.

    2. She started off middle-aged and ended up middle class.

    Dramatic effect rather than accuracy?

    1. I find this story very surprising. People in London didnt talk like that 40 years ago. I am very sceptical of alleged increase in hate crimes though there are stories of rudeness to East Europeans that are true. These things happen if you have very large numbers of immigrants, regrettably. This story in the Mail "The great Brexit hate crime myth: How claims of an epidemic of race crimes since the referendum are simply false" is very informative.

    2. David in Banja Luka10 November 2016 at 13:48


      Regrettably, the streets of Britain contain many uncivil, ill-mannered and potentially violent, people.

      I visit my native Wales regularly and appreciate that I need to take care when in the vicinity of such people.

      Its not foreigners who are most at risk of violence and abuse in the UK, it is honest, law-abiding, decent Britons, IMO.