Wednesday 18 April 2018

Censorship and fake tweets


Something very strange happened to me yesterday. Can anyone give me advice?

I was told my Twitter account was being temporarily limited for 8 hours because of a tweet I sent.

This was very annoying but the tweet in question (below) is not one I sent or retweeted though it has my 'avatar'. 

@BourneWolf @AlfDubs @paullewismoney @stellacreasy @YvetteCooperMP @guardian @ThangamMP @safepassageuk @HelpRefugees @refugeecouncil @KateGreenSU Syrian refugees have already been involved in terrorist murders in Europe.

The people it was sent to are not people I know.

Had I've been hacked?

The internet suggested another solution. There are fake meme generators that are tweeted as if they come from someone else's account. Here may be the solution to the mystery.

The fake tweet, which had nothing whatever to do with me, simply said as follows.

'Syrian refugees have already been involved in terrorist murders in Europe.'

This seems completely unobjectionable and is a fact, even though I didn't write it.

Equally surreal and angry-making,Twitter warned me about the rules about not posting things that were hateful. 

Are there hate facts, as well as hate speech?

I felt as if I were hauled in before the headmaster, except the headmaster was 25 and wearing a t-shirt and trainers

I had intended to leave Twitter and get off Facebook and this is a sign. Though Twitter is a good source of (increasingly censored) information and a big improvement on the much more politically correct BBC.

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