Wednesday 4 April 2018

Tamburlane's tomb

I saw the tomb today of Tamburlane in Samarkand and must now read the play by Marlowe, which I can download on my kindle. 

I found the Samarkand Necropolis much more beautiful. Here among many others are buried Tamburlane's favourite two wives. He had 90 legal wives and very many concubines.  

He is responsible for the death of perhaps 17 million people, perhaps 4% of the world's population. He is naturally regarded as a very great man and a national hero of the Uzbeks, despite being no more Uzbek than Boadicea was English. Coach parties swarm converge on his tomb. 

How will Hitler be regarded in 700 years?

Nobody knows.

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  1. Did the Uzbeks ever repudiate Tamburlane? I doubt it.

  2. Hitler ruled a mere 12 years and flamed out in major defeat that led to a thorough makeover of the world in opposition to his aims. It seems unlikely that he will be redeemed in seven centuries although who knows. Some people clearly still have a soft spot for the mad murderer 😉

  3. Uzbeks arrived in what is now Uzbekistan after he died. Their post Communist dictator Karimov chose him as a national hero in the 1990s.