Monday 23 April 2018

God save the new prince

This blog greets with delight the prince who was born today.

How Prince William's birth seems to me. I have good reason to remember that evening well.

Quite unbelievably BBC Radio 4 news put the new prince in 3rd place! After, first, free citizenship for the Empire (why is that word always omitted?) Windrush immigrants and, second, the creation of Stephen Lawrence Day! 

(That's unbelievable in itself. Why not Drummer Rigby Day?)

1 comment:

  1. Another benefits baby who will live a life of luxury while the country below him declines into the 3rd world. His Harrow school fees will be paid on the taxpayer's penny while ordinary people are forced to take out a new mortgage on their homes just to send their kids to a school where they're not the only white kids.