Thursday 23 April 2020


A bear arrived on Saturday at noon in the empty streets of the mountain resort of Busteni, in what used to be called (when I was seven and first saw the name on a map) the Transylvanian Alps. The animal walked freely among the Communist era blocks of flats, until it was noticed.

The bear was filmed by a man and posted on Facebook.

In the video you can see how, at some point, an older man approaches the animal and throws a broom at him. The man even warns a woman to take care that the bear is next to her, and in the background a female voice is heard saying: "Leave it, it doesn't do anything".

"He's a pet puppy," joked the filmmaker.

The older man continues to try to drive the animal away and says, "Get out of here."

At that moment, the bear returns and starts running down an alley near the block.


When Bears are seen

Approaching in the distance,

Make up your mind at once between

Retreat and Armed Resistance.

A Gentleman remained to fight—

With what result for him?

The Bear, with ill-concealed delight,

Devoured him, Limb by Limb.

Another Person turned and ran;

He ran extremely hard:

The Bear was faster than the Man,

And beat him by a yard.


Decisive action in the hour of need
Denotes the Hero, but does not succeed

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