Wednesday 28 July 2021

China makes three quarters of the world’s solar panels, by ignoring environmentalists and keeping wages low

Chinese companies, according to an article in Bloomberg, now supply three quarters of the world’s solar panels. 

China "now makes most of the world’s polysilicon, a key material in solar panels — and ignored pleas by environmentalists to close coal plants that supply the cheap electricity needed to make solar equipment. It also kept its labor costs lower than those in most industrial countries and has been willing to prop up unprofitable operations."

It has seemed likely for a long time that while the USA and the EU spend their energies combating discrimination, inequality and pollution Communist China will ignore these issues and motor ahead. 

Will people draw the lesson that over-regulation kills not just an economy but a society? 

Better a year of Europe than a cycle of Cathay, sang Lord Tennyson, but now the boot is on the other foot.

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  1. The modern world really is hilarious. You need fossil fuels in order to make solar panels?

    This whole renewable energy thing seems to be based entirely on magical thinking.