Tuesday 20 July 2021

Floods in Germany probably have nothing to do with the climate but are merely bad weather


The photograph above was taken in May of this year in Bad Schandau, in the heart of the flooded region. It shows the height of various floods over years. Note that the largest happened a long time ago.

The Spectator has a useful article by Ross Clark about why there is no reason to conclude that the floods in Germany are anything to do with climate change, despite what you read in every newspaper and here on the untrustworthy BBC. 

The news media should just be concerned about finding the truth but they employ young people who think their purpose, like Lenin's, is not to study the world but to change it. 

It has come to the stage when the traditional media seem not to be impartial about almost anything. Not just politics but anything from Pope Francis to Covid and climate change and all the rest. 

Don't forget that it was the much maligned Breitbart that broke the story of sexual assaults by migrants on New Year's Eve in Cologne in 2015-16, when every paper and television station suppressed it. 

The editor of the Spectator sees the magazine as having a foot in the mainstream media and another foot outside and this means it is a good source of news. It published articles saying Iran is not a threat to the West, that lockdowns do not work, that 58,000 people died of respiratory illness three winters ago in the UK without anyone noticing, instead of the usual 18,000, etc. 

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