Friday 2 July 2021

Europe is no longer Christian or democratic

"The modern EU is a free-floating self-interested structure, unmoored from any national political culture that might hold it to account. Brussels extends itself into every area of national sovereignty, extinguishing democracy as it goes. The EU is punctilious about its own rules when this extends the cause of federalism and oddly forgetful of them when they inconvenience the project."

Alan Fimister, the biographer of the Venerable Robert Schuman (the Pope gave him the title 'Venerable' this week), in Unherd today. Mr Fimister has become a "passionate" supporter of Brexit. 

"Schumann like Maritain sees democracy as dependent on Christianity, not the other way around. Accordingly the two need to be reconciled because ‘anti-Christian democracy would be a caricature which would sink into either tyranny or anarchy’."

Alan Fimister, Robert Schuman: Neo Scholastic Humanism and the Reunification of Europe

"Naturally, there would be one official reality that you would force everyone to rigidly conform to at any given moment in time, but you would change the official reality frequently, and force everyone to conform to the new one (and pretend that they had never conformed to the old one), and then, once they had settled into that one, you would change the official reality again, until people’s brains just shut down completely, and they gave up trying to make sense of anything, and just tried to figure out what you wanted them to believe on any given day.

"If you repeated that process long enough, eventually, nothing would mean anything anymore, because everything could potentially mean anything … at which point, you could basically tell people anything you wanted and they would go along with it, because what the hell difference would it make? A narcissistic billionaire ass-clown could be a Russian agent and literally Hitler. A half-assed riot could be an “insurrection.” Children could be born “systemically racist.” Men could menstruate.

"But wait … it’s gets better.

"You could stage an apocalyptic global pandemic that only happened in certain countries, or in certain parts of certain countries, and that more or less mirrored natural mortality, and that didn’t drastically increase historical death rates, but was nonetheless totally apocalyptic."

CJ Hopkins, who is left-wing by the way

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