Saturday 4 September 2021

24 hours in Gdansk a.k.a. Danzig


The cheapest route to London from Bergen gave me a stopover in Gdansk and I spent a day and night there. 

The old town is fake, of course, and fake German not fake Polish, but it is beautiful. Worth a day and a night. Actually not all the old town was destroyed in the war, unlike at Warsaw, just most of it.

My (post-1945) hotel in the crisp morning air.

I found a good restaurant called Ducha66 and ate there three times in a row.

A place supposedly the former Academy of Fine Arts but in fact, of course, built after the Second World War.

My readers know that the destruction of Poland might have been avoided had Beck allowed Hitler to absorb Danzig, which was a free city, and have an extra-territorial autobahn and railway through the Polish Corridor. 

This is not to blame the Poles for the invasion. It is to state a fact. More here.

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