Sunday 26 September 2021

Is it transphobic to say only women have a cervix?

Andrew Marr: Is it transphobic to say only women have a cervix? 

British Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer: It shouldn’t be said. It is not right.

Sir Keir Starmer was talking about a remark made by Labour MP Rosie Duffield, who says she is staying away from the party conference conference on security grounds as a result of the remark. 

She fears violence from men who have become women.

By the way, I doubt if these security grounds really exist, but it makes a useful point, though not one that's useful to her party. 

Under the last leader three Labour Jewish women MPs talked about needing security to protect them from racial abuse. I don't know if this was a real fear or a way of making a point. I strongly suspect the latter. It certainly made a strong point.

Will this win Labour votes? 

I don't know any more.


  1. "Is it transphobic to say only women have a cervix?"

    At my place of work, years back before the wuflu ended it, I went to our gym in the mornings. I would occassionally see a rather fat, sweaty IT manager named Raoul on the treadmill. (I'm a strength trainer and do running on trails). Then, one day, my supervisor informed us that Raoul was now Loretta and was to be addressed as such. The company homepage and Linked in "celebrated" this change. True story.

    So, I don't know about the UK, but I'm a couple years out of retirement and can't wait for Jesus return.

  2. Is it transphobic to say only women have a cervix?

    Such a suggestion will get you banned on some social media sites. It means you're a nazi.

    The War Against Women is hotting up. The objective is to erase women altogether as a category.

    The trans agenda is driven by a burning hatred of, and fear of, women. Women are hated for their Vagina Privilege.

    Just remember it is not OK to be a woman.

    As usual the Right, when presented with a struggle that is entirely winnable (given that 99% of the female sex do not want to be erased as women), has absolutely no idea what to do. They have no idea what to do because they're still locked-in to the ideological struggles of 50 or 60 years ago.

    World War T is the big one because the entire basis of human society is at stake. If this battle is lost you can kiss civilisation goodbye.

  3. Modern post-1960 feminism is misogynistic. Alexander Dugin, though I know almost nothing about him and I do not much like the sound of him, makes a good point when he says that liberalism is the most ‘male affirming’ theory. Liberals ultimately conceive of emancipated woman as just another man, he says. I think this is right.

    Mr. Gladstone was absolutely right when he said that it is the great achievement of Christianity in all times and places to have raised the condition of women.

    But modern post-1960 feminism is something new, discrete from the Edwardian variety, it's origins closer to Marxism than Mrs. Pankhurst.

    It is incompatible with Christianity if Christianity enjoins wives to obey husbands. But even if the teaching on marriage of St. Paul is abandoned, Christians believe a loving Deity created men and women and their biology, clearly for very different roles. Although the atheist Freud said that biology was destiny, for unbelievers biology need not have a meaning or reveal any purpose and can be overridden by human reason divorced from ideas of the natural law.

    Indeed a feminist version of Christianity would, in my judgment, not be Christianity. It is by no means unimportant that although God, being spirit, has no sex He is referred to with the masculine pronoun.

    On the other hand, Christianity is certainly not compatible with injustice to or exploitation of women. Pope Pius XII was writing about the injustice of paying women less for the same work as men back in 1945, a decade or two before the liberals took up the issue.

    1. Modern post-1960 feminism is misogynistic.

      I sort of agree. The big problem is that by the time Second Wave feminism started to gather steam in the mid-70s it was no longer needed. Every battle that needed to be won had already been won. As a result feminism started to attract women who were not motivated by a desire to advance women's interests but were trying to exorcise their personal demons. They often had serious Daddy Issues. They often had serious sexual problems. Some were simply crazies.

      But however crazy and deluded the Second Wave feminists may have been there's no question that the Third Wave feminism that emerged in the 90s was crazier. And Fourth Wave feminism is pure out-and-out misogyny, and it's increasingly dominated by men. Men in frocks. And they hate women with a burning passionate loathing. They hate women because they're jealous of them, because actual women have no trouble being women whereas a man in a dress is always a man in a dress.

  4. This man was forced to resign from his megachurch for saying feminism was the work of the Devil!

  5. Will this win Labour votes?

    I'm not sure that's a factor any more. In Australia and Britain there's very little practical difference between the "left-wing" parties and the "conservative parties" - all are committed to Wokeism and the entire PC agenda. It's not as if the Tories are suddenly going to start taking a stand on moral principles!

    Who was the last Tory PM to take a stand on moral principles? That would be Neville Chamberlain wouldn't it?

    1. Neville Chamberlain seems a very remarkable man now and his economic policies as Chancellor of the Exchequer are now considered to have been more successful in the 1930s than was the New Deal. Was he right to guarantee Poland and go to war?It nowadays does not seem obvious at all. I think on balance it was a mistake. He is an architect of what became the quasi religion the NHS. He was a very moral man but so in their way were most of his successors, even the most incompetent and malign of them, Mrs Theresa May. By unhappy contrast the present incumbent has few morals beyond attachment to liberal pieties.

    2. Even devious Harold Wilson was moral enough - it was his nonconformist morality which is responsible for the worst and most enduring of his achievements, restricting freedom of speech in an unprecedented way.

    3. Winning votes is not what it's about - I wish we'd move to regular referendums as in the only democratic country in Europe, Switzerland.

    4. Even devious Harold Wilson was moral enough - it was his nonconformist morality which is responsible for the worst and most enduring of his achievements

      Good point. Moral political leaders often do more harm that amoral ones.

    5. Joe Biden is an habitual and outrageous liar, as bad or even worse than Hillary, but it is not his lies and trickery that cause the problems but his idea of morality. Few men were less moral than Edward Kennedy, but it was when he was suffused with moral fervour that he did most harm. George Osbourne too is a moralist as shown when he was asked by Remainer Max Hastings if he could restrict immigration in some way ahead of the Brexit referendum.

      '“I think we should leave that to Ukip”, he said primly. But what about raising the possibility of revisiting the ECHR? The chancellor responded that to fly any such kite “would set a very poor example to countries such as Belarus”. I came home and transferred my little all into US dollars.'

      Boris is a moralist when it comes to racism too and this is why he at first and for a long time refused to shut the borders to foreigners who might have Covid - he said to Dominic Cummings that it would be racist.

    6. Boris is a moralist when it comes to racism too

      Wokeism, Political Correctness and the trans agenda are now the ruling ideological pillars of the political establishment. All members of our political establishment now subscribe to these views. Some "conservatives" still don't like to be completely open about it but when it comes to the crunch not one of them will be prepared to break ranks and oppose any of these ideological pillars.

      There are still elderly Conservative voters who think that the Tories are not as bad, but they are.

    7. “I’ve been told off in the tea room for referring to ‘my wife’ because that’s ‘possessive’. By a Conservative MP, actually. But that’s the state of the world.”
      Ben Bradley, one of the 2019 intake of Conservative MPs for a formerly safe Labour seat, speaking last year.

  6. "Wokeism"..possibly the least intelligent pejorative term of the 21st century.

    1. I am glad you are reading the blog again. I hope you agree with my post about Peter Daszak.