Thursday 13 April 2023

He proceeds from the Father and the Son


I used to think it was almost blasphemous to argue over the filioque clause and whether the Holy Ghost proceeds from God the Son, until I skimmed an article that explained the lack of the filioque clause made Orthodoxy disembodied, mystical, almost Buddhist. It's this other worldly religion and  intense mysticism that makes me love Romania, I realised.


  1. Eerdmans, a more or less Protestant publishing house in the US, has just brought out a book called Rethinking the "Filioque" with the Greek Fathers by a professor at the Pontical University, Rome. I will not have time to read it soon, and in any case I know even less about the Greek Fathers than about the Latin Fathers. For that matter, the scholar Michel Barnes has brought out a volume, Augustine and Nicene Theology, which apparently goes into depth of Augustine's (and other Latin) Trinitarian theology.

    According to the historian R.W. Southern, the churches were close to working out a settlement in the early Middle Ages.

  2. Hi I would love to read this as I have So Many questions re: this very thing, but I cannot seem link to anything ??