Monday 24 April 2023

The Daily Telegraph obituaries are a peerless bistory of the 20th century. This is Barry Humphries RIP


"At university Humphries enrolled in the law school, a choice partly taken to please his parents. But he found the lectures tiresome, and diverted his energies to further experiments with “Dadaist” events. One elaborate scheme involved substituting the contents of a packet of Lux soap with cooking lard cut to the same shape, then returning it to the shop shelf.

"Another was the “Heinz Russian Salad routine”, as he told Gyles Brandreth: “Surreptitiously spilt and splashed in large quantities on the pavement, tinned Russian salad, consisting largely of diced potato in mayonnaise with a few peas and carrot chips thrown in, closely resembles human vomit. While disgusted pedestrians would give it a wide berth, I’d kneel down by one of the larger puddles, produce a spoon from my top pocket and enjoy several mouthfuls.’"

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