Thursday 3 August 2023

Anti-democratic Britain


 "Britain’s deranged war on cars, our looming ban on gas boilers, the debanking scandal, the failure to prosecute crime, the attempted cancellation of women, the sabotage of the Brexit agenda, the scale of migration: welcome to anti-democratic Britain, where the beleaguered majority is increasingly subject to the whims of an entitled, activist elite that often seems to despise the people over which it exercises so much power...." (Allister Heath today in theDailyTelegraph).

The elite has done this since the 1950s when the Conservative governments ignored popular fury about immigration. (The UK  was virtually all white in 1950.) Later the city centres were destroyed and replaced with brutalist architecture. We joined the EEC ('the Common Market') despite the public opposing it. These three changes transformed the country - only one could be undone, after 43 years and after our country had been transformed by European laws and ideas.


  1. Yet the English keep voting Conservative.

  2. Peter MacFarlane4 August 2023 at 18:35

    @Anon: you imply that voting for someone else would make a difference. I’m not at all convinced that it would.

    1. All the parties seem almost identical except that Labour and Liberals would be even worse.

    2. There's a chance Labour would not allow UK rivers and beaches to be fouled with human excrement, as the Conservatives have done.

  3. Allister sounds a bit on the paranoid side.