Tuesday 1 August 2023

The Russia Hoax and 'the most overt coup in history'

George Friedman, Stratfor CEO, 19 December 2014:

"At the beginning of this year, Ukraine had a slightly pro-Russian but badly shaken government. It suited Moscow: Russia does not want to completely control Ukraine or occupy it - it is enough that Ukraine does not join NATO and the EU. The authorities of the Russian Federation cannot allow a situation in which the Western armed forces will be located a hundred kilometers from Kursk or Voronezh.
"The United States was interested in forming a pro-Western government in Ukraine. They saw that Russia was on the rise and sought to prevent it from consolidating its position in the post-Soviet space. The success of pro-Western forces in Ukraine would make it possible to contain Russia.
"Russia calls the events of the beginning of the year a US-organized coup d'état. And it really was the most overt coup d'état in history."

Donald Trump yesterday in Newsweek:
"At a critical moment when we should have been reducing tensions with Russia, the Russia Hoax stoked mass hysteria that helped drive Russia straight into the arms of China." 

This is correct. America’s war against Russia in Ukraine cannot be explained without reference to Hillary’s 2016 loss and the Russia collusion hoax she started, funded & perpetuated. Ever since the Democrats have been baying for blood.

Julie Burchill 
"The U.S. has done, is doing and will do more damage to this planet and its people than Nazi Germany, fascist Japan and David Baddiel put together.” 

If you place opposing US murderousness and militarism at a high level of importance, then you can't really dispute that Bush was quantifiably worse than Trump. And because this administration actively sabotaged peace between Ukraine and Russia, Biden is arguably worse than Bush.

Caitlin Johnstone and Julie Burchill are left-wingers, by the way. I don't know why but left-wingers are allowed to be anti-American without being shunned, unlike right-wingers.


  1. The impossibility of learning the truth via the media:

    Garbage in, garbage out. This idea is that you can somehow split the difference between various sides. But anyone who is at all a systematic thinker realizes the sides were conceived in opposition to each other. So if the first one was wrong, the second one is just the opposite of it, but it’s as wrong in the opposite way. And maybe a third one came along that was some kind of combination of the two, but it was just the combination of two things that were wrong. And now I’m going to put them together, divide by three, and come up with the real answer?

    You don’t get any closer to the truth by performing that operation. All that operation reveals is who the powers that be are, what they think is going to work, and what’s succeeding now in terms of getting attention versus what was succeeding yesterday. You are fooling yourself if you think you can decrypt this misinformation layer—whatever you might call it—and get to reality. This game of running a counterintelligence operation on our information streams appeals to the ego, and to our sense of intrigue and our own skill, but there’s no reason to believe it gets us any closer to the truth and it may indeed take us further away. On issue after issue, we seem to be involved in prefabricated dialectics, oppositions, and architectures. Maybe the issue du jour isn’t even an issue at all.

    Walter Kirn, interviewed here:

  2. A glance at the role of Freemasonry in revolutionary politics, with an international network of educated, bourgeois men acting to improve their position in society and overthrow traditional structures, is enough to tell you that liberalism's elitist turn is nothing new.

    If anything 20th century mass democracy is at best ambiguously aligned with liberalism, with tendencies like socialism emerging precisely to qualify liberalism. Post-war settlement & European Christian democracy can be seen as substantial qualifications of liberal ideology.

    In this light we can begin to see the "extremism" of modern progressives as a return to a purer form of liberal values, and not in fact an illiberal turn towards a pseudo-communist ideology (so no, NOT cultural Marxism).

    Masonry is instructive - a closed civil society organisation premised on an elite class consciousness mired in resentment and concealed beneath an inauthentic half-believed mystical and moralistic idealism.

    Sebastian Milbank 🥀🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    Executive Editor of