Monday 7 August 2023

This is very silly




  1. 'Accusation in a mirror'

    ...a false claim that accuses the target of something that the perpetrator is doing or intends to do.

    (The phrase "accusation in a mirror" was introduced as "l'accusation en miroir" in the book 'Psychologie de la publicite et de la propagande' by Roger Mucchielli.)

  2. Not really you emblazon your fogey credentials on the flag you just planted. War has changed just look in recent years at the situation at Huawei, such was the data harvested by their devices and fed back to Beijing that the joke at GCHQ was really you must pronounce it correctly as “ Who are we?” Look to the attacks planned and executed on American and british forces in Afghanistan using fitness trackers /Strava data leaks. You can be pompous if you like but big data is small insignificant morsels of data carefully ,often opaquely harvested then assebled into something useful. State actors the world over are elbows deep in the game but the Chinese are actively up to their necks in it. By calling passive data gathering by foreign powers silly you sound like a 19th century cavalry officer saying machine guns, trenches and tanks will never displace the horse and sabre as the primary weapons of warfare

  3. That's what the Chinese say and the CIA are no slouches at the game.

  4. I remember when David Cameron bought Xi a pint in his local pub, England sold many companies to Chinese buyers, blithely gave contracts to Huawei and when Donald Trump was accused.of racism for warning that China was a threat to America. Dr Kissinger though is no doubt right to say that Mr Trump alienated and alarmed China by a trade war intended to show how tough he was.