Tuesday 9 April 2019

8 reasons why young voters are turning away from the Conservatives

Here are eight reasons why few British voters under thirty intend to vote Conservative, collected by James Kanagasooriam. 

They include: the fact that 20% of voters under 30 are non-white; the young's dislike of Brexit; their approval of progressive measures likes single-sex marriage and euthanasia that most Conservative MPs opposed; left-wing indoctrination in universities, for which the Conservatives steeply increased the fees, is a double whammy; and, above all, high property prices.

If you want to understand someone's political outlook think of how the world looked when he was 20. The young grew up in a time of financial crisis attributed to greedy bankers and deregulation of financial services. The youngest formed their world view taking account of the result of the Brexit referendum and Donald Trump. 

Socialism is something from history lessons and my nephew was taught at school that Lenin was an improvement on the Tsars.

The young are mostly godless but, in any case, religion is presented to them in a left-wing 'peace and justice' guise. Patriotism is considered, by most young people, a good thing in small doses, that carried too far can lead to racism or war.

Will the young always be progressive? 

There is no law that says so and they were not always so, so probably the answer is no, but there are no signs of it changing in Britain or Germany in the near future. Left-wing academia and teachers are an important factor, as is the BBC. 

In any case, it is is very possible that the Tory party that began in 1681 and has been through several incarnations may be about to die by its own hand.

Perhaps it will be reincarnated generations from now as the Tories were in the early 19th century after a long absence.

Some think they manage these things better in France, where many young voters are traditionalists, who disapprove of single-sex marriage and want to limit immigration.

In Romania, social liberalism has only a limited grip so far but is important because of the desire to ape the West and because of the influence of arts graduates who took their degrees in the West.

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