Monday 15 April 2019

"In 50 years' time Notre Dame will be a mosque."

I got home from dinner to learn that Notre Dame is on fire and the spire has fallen.

Into my mind comes what Emil Cioran said in 1987 that, 

"In 50 years' time Notre Dame will be a mosque."

How saddened I am that at this moment France does not have a Catholic King but instead the Republic and the probably godless homunculus Macron.

Is it arson?

There have been Catholic Churches burnt down or desecrated all over France over the last year, though the media over the last hour has not mentioned this.

Three days ago a Muslim jihadi in Paris was arrested for planning a terrorist attack at Notre Dame Cathedral.

One of my favourite memories from childhood is Kenneth Clark's Civilisation. Here he stands in front of Notre Dame and asks:
"What is civilization? I don't know, I can't define it in abstract terms. But I think I can recognize it when I see it."
Someone called Ben Shapiro tweeted
"Absolutely heartbreaking. A magnificent monument to Western civilization collapsing"

and got criticised from people who thought Western was a racist concept and from people who thought Notre Dame stood for Christianity not civilisation. 

He replied that Notre Dame is a "monument to western civilization and part of our Judeo-Christian heritage" and got it in the neck again but worse from all parts of the political spectrum. The left accused him of Islamophobia while someone very right-wing said:
The Notre Dame was a monument to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, not Judaism, not the Enlightenment, and not “Western Civilization.”


  1. you sound your usual tin foil hat self Mr Wood. There has been no mention in the French press either except the firefighters who had spoken to welders working on a support frame in the roof at the time the fire broke out. The other most likely theory is a discarded cigarette, a Frenchmen expressing his freedom not to follow a ' No Smoking' sign may have led to a destruction of heritage. Macron has already rolled the ball on rebuilding and managed to get 500million in the pot , so Godless or not he will be seen as the saviour of Our Lady. I suggest you go on with your Macarthiast checking under the bed for Jihadiis.

    1. I never supposed that this was terrorism. We would have heard if it was. A cigarette is very possible. I slightly dislike the way journalists are not talking much about the possibility of arson. I am slightly surprised that terrorists have not claimed this as their work even if it is not. Claiming an accident as the result of their work would be an easy way to achieve their aims, which are to inspire terror and thereby to create hostility between Muslims and non-Muslims.

  2. "The tinfoil hat is a sort of mocking symbol of paranoia and conspiracy theory advocacy, derived by the use of some paranoid schizophrenics." I do not believe in conspiracy theories

  3. Ben Shapiro, doesn’t understand anything about Western Civilisation. The gothic architecture of Notre Dame is not the product of “Judeo-Christianity” (a weird movement popularised in the USA in the 20th century) but the product of Indo-Europeans.

    Notre Dame and all our Cathedrals have an Aryan Pagan heart under a Christian facade. Domes, obelisks, rose windows, gargoyles, even crosses all have pagan origins.

    The fallacy of “Judeo-Christian civilisation” ignores completely that Christianity had to be Aryanised for us not to reject it. The Winter and Summer Solstices became church festivals with different names, Grottoes and Groves which had been places of worship for Mother Goddesses became places of Marian devotion, images of saints and martyrs, (something that had been forbidden by early Christianity), began to appear in the churches in the 5th Century, as if something within our European blood called us to make these images to satisfy our spiritual need. We would have built magnificent structures like Notre Dame with or without Christianity because it’s in our DNA.

    The term “Judeo-Christian Civilisation” is moreover redundant because everyone understands already that Christianity came from Judaism. Nobody uses the term Judeo-Islamic, and you would not get Shapiro using it. Why doesn’t Shapiro then use a more descriptive term such as Greco-Christian or Romo-Christian?

    The only logical reason the Semite Shapiro uses the less accurate term is so that he can subtlely attribute our own Civilisation’s achievements to his own people.