Tuesday 23 April 2019

War against Christians not humanity

As you know, hundreds of Catholics were murdered at Easter Mass on Sunday in Sri Lanka.

Barak Obama, of whom I think increasingly badly, has denounced the killings in Sri Lanka as an attack on “humanity,” but this is not true. This was an attack on Christians.

It reminds me that he called the Bataclan Massacre in Paris an attack on "universal values". Mark Steyn corrected him. There are no universal values. It was an attack on Western values.

Hundreds of churches have been destroyed in Nigeria. A war is being waged against Christians by Muslim zealots everywhere and even some of the Catholic and Protestant clergy are beginning to notice.

Meanwhile the Americans tighten sanctions on Iran, a country that allows Christians to worship without hindrance. This is Donald Trump. Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton wanted to overthrow the Assad government which protected Christians. President Bush 2 overthrew Saddam who protected Christians. 

Federica Mogherini, EU Commission vice-president and 'High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy’, was a leading member of the Italian Communist Party during the Cold War. She said on Sunday that the massacres in Sri Lanca, for which ISIS claimed responsibility, were an attack on multi-faith societies and “freedom of religion and the choice to worship” and constituted “acts of violence against all beliefs and denominations”. 

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  1. You're funny...

    Obama, Bush, Trump don't care about what happens to Christians any more than Macron, May do. Not even sure those who identify as Christians care about what happens to Christians.

    A couple years ago, when I cared, I asked the the provincial of a local mens religious group to include those Catholics killed in an attack by muslims, he looked at me with a curious expression as he had not heard about it. Never gets mentioned. Never asks for prayers for the souls of the departed. meh... why bother, right?