Saturday 6 April 2019

We are at Germany's mercy

Charles Moore today sees Great Britain entirely at the mercy of Germany since Mrs May and Sir Oliver Letwin will not permit us to leave the EU without a deal.
"Enticing us by hints on the backstop, the EU could then pick its moment to work out how best to hold us down in the customs union and, if we remain as weak as we are now, demand a second referendum, too. Then, from the EU’s point of view, the worst that can happen is that it neuters us: its best is that we decide to stay in after all, humiliated. Angela the Mild will avoid crowing, but her European Germany/German Europe (same thing) will have confirmed its reign, and she can happily hand over to her designated successor.

"That is the way things are going."
Mr Moore thinks the Tories only hope of not being annihilated is if large numbers of constituency associations deselect Remainer MPs and replace them with Leavers. He doesn't think that likely and nor do you or I.

I think whatever happens the only hope for the Tories to survive at this moment and for decades to come is to move a long way to the right. From now on preserving national identity and sovereignty will be what European politics is going to be about.


  1. Other nations who contemplated leaving the EU are now pausing that momentum. They look at Brexit and do not see an encouraging example.

  2. Charles Moore is a moron and should be ignored.