Sunday 2 June 2019

The Bishop of Liverpool is a preposterous ass

The Anglican Bishop of Liverpool Paul Bayes is an ass. On BBC Radio Four today he criticised Donald Trump, on the ground that 
“I don’t think it’s right to build walls."
Yes. He thinks walls are bad.
“He says he is a Christian but Jesus said you know people by their fruits. And this is a guy who seems to me to be saying walls are good, people from other cultures are bad, we must not welcome people, we must exclude them – I don’t believe these are Christian positions.”
Unfortunately, among the shrinking numbers of Anglicans many, especially young ones, still take their cue from bishops and think this sort of nonsense is Christian doctrine.

Bishop Bayes went on to say he was not comfortable with Mr. Trump being described as leader of the free world. (Has anyone done so?)
“I think the free world by definition does not need to be led in an authoritarian way."
How do people like this get promoted? By saying these sorts of things, unfortunately. 

Donald Trump has many very obvious defects, but he is not an authoritarian - or at least very much less of one than Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron or Angela Merkel. 

I wonder whether the Bishop's dislike of authoritarianism extends to admiring the US First Amendment which protects free speech and prevents hate speech laws.

Mr. Trump's state visit is going to be a comedy of the highest order, I expect, like his last visit. Gets popcorn, as they say nowadays.

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