Monday 10 June 2019

The Lancet argues for LGBTQ rights and abortion, opposes Italy's refugee policy

The Lancet is perhaps the world's most authoritative general medical journal. It informs doctors of medical developments but now it has widened its scope. Writers it publishes argue, for example, for a 
"progressive agenda that demands gender equality for girls and women and gender norms that promote health and wellbeing for all, including gender minorities.”
They also speak in favour of what they call reproductive rights, which means abortion, even though doctors by their Hippocratic oath swear not to perform abortions. 

Even further removed from medicine, an article by Raffaella Casolino in the latest issue of the journal attacks the Italian government's immigration policy and tells the physicians of Great Britain:
“Italy has been witnessing a rapid escalation towards racism and xenophobia since the new government came into power in June, 2018."
Trying to make a connection with health, she says that the recent Italian decree that restricts asylum 
"has serious implications for the right to health, both regarding access to the national health-care system and the social conditions that contribute to the physical and mental health of immigrants.
“...In a time of growing intolerance and racial discrimination worldwide, and of nationalistic attitudes towards integration, European physicians and health-care providers must join forces in counteracting these views.”
What would Dr. Finlay or Janet have thought?

These are from recent Lancet articles:

"We propose an agenda for action to reduce gender inequality and shift gender norms for improved health outcomes, calling on leaders in national governments, global health institutions, civil society organisations, academic settings, and the corporate sector to focus on health outcomes and engage actors across sectors to achieve them; reform the workplace and workforce to be more gender-equitable; fill gaps in data and eliminate gender bias in research; fund civil-society actors and social movements; and strengthen accountability mechanisms."

"Co-opting the term gender, powerful forces are pushing against hard-fought gains in human rights and health by rallying against the so-called threat of gender ideology, a term created to indict a range of progressive views, such as LGBTQ rights, access to comprehensive sexuality education, and accommodation of diverse family forms."

Britain's leading Conservative newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, like other papers, no longer has a woman's page but it does have  a Telegraph Women's page on Facebook which welcomes people who click on it with the words
Hi everyone and welcome to Telegraph Women, a place to discuss women's rights and how we can achieve gender parity.
I'll try to add more examples of this sort of Gramscian march through the institutions, but there are too many to count. 

Oxford and Cambridge are lost. There are no more great dons like Maurice Cowling and John Casey. The hereditary peers, who spoke their minds without fear or favour, are mostly expelled from Parliament. Even the Catholic Church is affected. Some of the worst offenders are multinational companies. 

Gentle reader, please add any similar stories in comments.

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  1. Some of the worst offenders are multinational companies.

    I firmly believe that the corporate sector has been the biggest single driving force behind the destruction of our society. The destruction of the family and religion and traditional values is good for the bottom line. It makes people better consumers. And the focus on social issues has effectively neutered the Left. Woke Capital is here to stay and it's going to get more and more Woke.