Wednesday 19 June 2019

Lending votes to kill Michael Gove

If they have any sense, which they have, Team Boris will lend votes to Mr. Javid or Mr. Hunt, equally useless politicians, to make sure that Michael Gove, who is very substantial indeed, is not in the last round with Boris.

Whoever it is should promptly stand down and let Boris get down to work as Prime Minister.


  1. The Johnson campaign made clear yesterday to supporters like me it did not want Johnson voters voting tactically to influence who was second. I continued to vote for Boris.

  2. Tucker Carlson Saved America

    1. Tucker is a great man these days - since Trump came long. Someone says he deserves the Nobel Prize. In effect he is a close adviser to the President who watches him on the telly a lot.

    2. The Great One is Rush:

      RUSH: All right. So, ladies and gentlemen, we are seriously being told by ABC News — which, reminder, again, led the destruction of Joe Biden as Democrat nominee yesterday. We’re told by ABC News that Donald Trump… I mentioned this yesterday. He’s got all kinds of people that have been itching to take Iran out for decades, and they’re urging him to do it. But! But! Tucker Carlson, Chatsworth Osborne Jr., doesn’t want Trump to do it. So Trump is weighing the advice from Chatsworth Osborne Jr. or John Bolton and deciding with Chatsworth. That’s what they are telling us.

      One other thing that General Keane said last night in addition to the sound bite we just played where he said that Trump did get confirmation that the drone strike may have been a boo-boo. General Keane last night suggested that we might be very conservative on our hit on Iran here regarding the drone. We might kind of hold our cards here because of the ChiComs. Now, this is a fascinating theory. The ChiComs are one of the biggest importers of Iranian oil, and we’re in the midst of some pretty serious trade negotiations with the ChiComs.

  3. At an age when some blokes find their virility drooping, he still plainly has some lead in his pencil, with a new and much-younger girlfriend.

    Older dingoes in public life see all this and they growl, wishing they were so blessed.

    And Boris has done all this without surrendering to the low-ranking drudgery most politicians must accept in the early years.

    Boris was never a junior minister. He was never a ministerial bag-carrier.

    He has swanned through life breaking the rules, laughing and bonking. That INFURIATES them!

    But the biggest reason of all for their hatred is that they, and the EU, fear he may succeed.

    Quentin Letts

  4. A brilliant article by Quentin Letts. I almost worked with him on The Telegraph and wish I had. I liked, "They slander him as the 'British Trump', not realising that many Brits quite admire the convention-smashing Donald Trump and the way he has rattled the powerful."