Thursday 27 June 2019

The Tory leadership contest is a disaster

As I predicted, the Tory leadership contest is a disaster, wasting time, dividing the party badly and forcing Boris to adopt positions which he might later want or need to abandon. 

I wonder if Jeremy Hunt can sit in Boris's cabinet after what he has said about him. 

People like Messrs Gauke and Stewart have already said they won't. 

Philip Hammond must be for the old heave-ho. I hope against hope that the appalling Miss Rudd does not get a job, but bet she does. 

The trouble is that, even with the DUP, the Government only has a majority of three, and after the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election on August 1 it will probably be two, so discontented former cabinet ministers are going to be a big threat to a Boris government. 

i (the name of a newspaper) has been told that up to 20 Conservative MPs could be
expected to vote against a government pushing for no deal, if it came to a vote. But will it? And how many of them would be prepared to vote against the government on a no confidence motion, triggering a general election and a far left government supported by the Scottish nationalists?

Boris promised last night that the rights of citizens of EU countries already living in the U.K would be protected and said he would bring in an Australian-style points-based immigration system — as promised by the 2016 Vote Leave campaign. 
 “We must be much more open to high-skilled immigration such as scientists but we must also assure the public that, as we leave the EU, we have control over the number of unskilled immigrants coming into the country.”
Settlement of unskilled workers in the UK must be halted completely. Artificial Intelligence makes them unnecessary, apart from anything else. 

But a large continuous stream of highly skilled immigrants means that in (not necessarily a very long) time the ethnic English, Welsh, Scotch and Irish would become a minority in Great Britain. Is this what the country wants?

If the immigrants are very highly skilled they might have better brains than the rest of the country and, if they come in big enough numbers, dominate it.

A solution might be to let people come in to work on contracts and then leave, as the Gulf monarchies do with British workers. 

When I first set foot in Romania in 1990 I knew I wanted to live here all my life. I am so very grateful that I can live out my days in this country which I love so much. So am I being hypocritical? 

No, because it is, of course, a matter of numbers. There are more than 80 times more Romanians in Britain than British in Romania and the Romanians are only a small fraction of the total number of immigrants and their children who have settled in the UK. 

The indigenous English, Welsh, Scotch and Irish made up about at least 98% of the population of England and Wales in 1950. The two sizeable ethnic minorities in 1950 were the 400,000 Jews and 160,000 Poles, most of the latter being refugees from Hitler. 40,000 Huguenot asylum seekers had arrived in 1685 but, being Protestants, had intermarried with the English and within a couple of generations had dissolved into the general population. Only their surnames remained French. 

In 2017, by contrast, in England and Wales 28% of live babies were born to mothers from outside the UK. 

The same story is being repeated throughout Western Europe and will be repeated in Romania too, if Romanians do not think of counter-measures. 


  1. 'If the immigrants are very highly skilled they might have better brains than the rest of the country and dominate it.'

    Are you trying to say that high skilled immigrants in IT or medical field will snatch the country away from the clutches of russsian jews and saudi billionnaires?...

    If so, and is a big if, why not?

  2. Boris promised last night that the rights of citizens of EU countries already living in the U.K would be protected and said he would bring in an Australian-style points-based immigration system

    Good idea. Why have an inefficient system of population replacement when you can have a highly efficient streamlined system of population replacement like we have in Australia?

    The other great thing is that you won't need to bother offering any kind of hope for young Britons. All the good jobs will be reserved for those highly skilled immigrants.

    This is what happens when you trust Tory scum like Boris. You can kiss your country goodbye.

  3. Acute and immediate problem

    The UK is facing growing skills and candidate shortages in a range of sectors of
    the economy. These are further exacerbated by the fact that the UK is experiencing
    historic highs in the employment rate and historic lows in unemployment and
    economic inactivity. According to ONS labour market estimates for the period
    February to April 2018, which were released in June 2018, the employment rate
    reached 75.6 per cent – the joint highest since comparable records began in 1971.
    Meanwhile, the unemployment rate was 4.2 per cent, down from 4.6 per cent for a year earlier and the joint lowest since 1975. The inactivity rate for this
    period was also the lowest since comparable records began in 1971.
    Recognising this ever increasing labour shortage, organisations such as the British Chambers of Commerce have voiced their concerns, calling for pragmatic solutions
    to this acute and immediate problem.,-long-term-growth.pdf

  4. Why did Dyson move to Singapore?

    “Dyson gets access to Asian markets and Asian industrial engineering skills,” Keen says. The UK is believed to have an engineering skill shortage, which Keen says is linked to former prime minister Margaret Thatcher's focus on financial services. “The upshot is that the UK simply doesn't have the engineers and skilled machinists that Dyson's technology requires, whereas Asia has them in abundance.”

    Steve Keen, an economics professor at Kingston University