Monday 6 January 2020

More Brexit thoughts, by Remainers this time, if you can bear any more

Progressives are by definition an elitist minority: They think they have reached the future before everyone else and that the majority will have to follow them. But sometimes the majority just won’t. And when that happens, the majority can’t, in a democracy, be coerced.
Andrew Brown, Foreign Policy, December 17 2019

Remainers point out that Brexiting would trigger years of trade talks with most countries on earth. But by then most Britons would have turned off. They would no longer have to expend emotion on Brexit, or spend more of their short lives on earth arguing about the customs union.
Simon Kuper, Financial Times, December 5 2019

I also intend to turn off from thinking and writing about Brexit and British politics. It is difficult to remember that however big a political story is eventually and in most cases surprisingly quickly, people turn off, turn away, stop reading. I remember wondering how the war between Russia and Georgia could ever leave what are still called the front pages, even though most of us do not read the news on the printed page any more. Then, very suddenly, the story was completely forgotten, except in the Georgian enclaves occupied by Russia.

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