Wednesday 15 January 2020

Conservatism is about love

'The market-based legal order of the Brussels bureaucracy helped to fill the legal vacuum created by communism, and was warmly received on that account. But, because of the unwise provisions of the Treaty of Rome regarding freedom of movement, it has led to the mass emigration of the professional classes, and to the loss of the educated young from countries that stand desperately in need of them.'
Sir Roger Scruton

'My thought is that the essential feature of conservatism is love of the actual, love of the things that you've inherited and a desire to reassert that inheritance. Not uncritically you know, but it's in the way that you do with your family, your parents,your brothers, and sisters.You know their faults but you love them and they're a part of you, and it's your primary duty to affirm that love. Then work for any improvements, of course.'
Sir Roger Scruton

'There is now a large constituency of people on the left – middle class, metropolitan, Remain-supporting, interested in foreign policy and identity politics over bread and butter class issues – who quietly welcome the party’s shift to more bourgeois terrain. They never liked the working class much anyway, and in some cases have attempted to equate the phrase “traditional working class” with white supremacism.'  James Bloodworth, in CapX

'The past is a part of us, perhaps the most essential.' Victor Hugo, one of the epigraphs for Sybille Bedford's A Compass Error, which I finally finished rereading today.


  1. Gwyneth's vagina-scented candle is a burning issue for all women

    Gwyneth Paltrow is selling a candle that smells like her vagina and, honestly, is anyone surprised? After all Paltrow, via her new-age wellness enterprise Goop, introduced us to jade eggs and vaginal steaming. Now, for just £58 you can buy the aptly if bluntly named, “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle. Except actually, you can’t right now, as it sold out during its test run.


    1. Please, Toma, this is a very polite, chaste blog. That is horrible indeed and very rude.

      She is one of the fairly few actresses I know and was good in Shakespeare in Love, one of the few films from the last twenty five years that I saw. It is very good indeed and she managed to sound British.Of course in Shakespeare's days the English sounded like Alabaman hillbillies but that is not her fault.

  2. Travel to Iran Has Always Been My Dream—That Hasn't Changed
    Town & Country's Executive Travel Editor on why the specter of war
    hasn't changed her desire to explore the extraordinary cultural riches
    of Iran.
    JAN 12, 2020

    1. I keep postponing a journey there by train from the Paris of the East - I had intended to go for Christmas just past - to Christmas Mass in the Assyrian cathedral in Tabriz.