Saturday 18 January 2020


"Brexit will alter Britain irrevocably. Any project that presupposes close alignment with the EU – such as Scottish independence – belongs in the past." English philosopher John Gray

"Gramsci’s belief that the working class makes history has turned out to be right, at least in Britain, but not in the way he and his disciples imagined. Somewhere in the heavens, the gods are laughing." John Gray

"According to Jay Keyser, professor emeritus of linguistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, [George] Steiner was told at a seminar in the 1970s that, while he had written at length on Dostoevsky's use of the definite article, there was no such thing in Russian. "It was as though a fly had landed on his shoulder," says Keyser. "A criticism that should have been devastating made no impact."
Maya Jaggi, The Guardian, 17 Mar 2001

" Craig Raine pointed out in his illuminating essay Conrad and Prejudice, it is no good complaining about the fact that Conrad portrays some Africans as cannibals when some Africans were cannibals." Ben Sixsmith

"Conservatism is based on love and fear: love of what one has, or has had, and fear of its destruction." Ben Sixsmith

“In the twenty-first century, anarchical protest movements join in a friendly tussle with global oligarchy, in which neither side can be hurt since both see the real enemy as the state.” American historian Timothy Snyder, in 'Black Earth' (this is not true - both sides want to use the state for their own purposes)

"Since 1947 America has been the chief and pioneering perpetrator of 'preemptive' state terror, exclusively in the Third World and therefore widely dissembled."
American Marxist historian Arno J. Mayer, after September 11, 2001

"I think the priest from Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov highlights the difference here. Conservatism is love in action - trying to provide a living for your family, being a responsible member of your community, trying to improve things within your self, family and local community first through harsh realism and responsibility. Leftism is love in dreams - believing that you can deliver cosmic justice on a cosmic scale. The intoxicating romanticism of allying yourself with the causes of nations on the other side of the world. You never have to face the unglamorous and humbling reality that the biggest struggle is against your own vices and trying to be the best son, brother, husband, coworker, friend, etc that you can be by choosing the right thing, choosing self-denial over easy, quick pleasures." Anonymous comment on an article headed '18% of social scientists are Marxist. Far less are Republican' on this site.


  1. Each of us is on the lookout for safe spaces in which we can allow our hatred to flourish; we cultivate our garden of contempt, we surround it with walls of self-righteousness. If you think I’m wrong, ask yourself: why do Hitler-comparisons continue to flourish in political conversations? What other thought do they express but “this person is so bad, we are allowed to hate him as we hate Hitler”…?


    Am I saying you cannot even hate Hitler?

    A person who murdered millions of people?

    Speaking both as the grandchild of four concentration camp survivors, and as a philosopher, I say: you cannot hate Hitler. Or Nazis. Or Nazism. Nor can you hate anyone you think is Hitler-like.

    Agnes Callard
    The Emotion Police

    1. I was brought up to believe that hatred is always a great sin. I knew an American who told he hated the South because he hated racists. I replied that I hated racism but not racists. 'I hate racists.' Much later it occurred to me that he was the racist.

  2. Grindr is a smartphone app that encourages lonely homosexuals to meet under mysterious and anonymous circumstances in order to swap bodily fluids containing deadly viruses.

    But sometimes, there’s a dark side.

    After using Grindr to arrange a casual sexual hookup, a bald and obese 25-year-old Michigan hairstylist named Kevin Bacon—no, not that Kevin Bacon—was “found hanging upside down with his testicles cut off” at the residence of Mark Latunski, a man who vaguely resembles Rasputin, on Devember 28. Authorities suspect that Latunski had also cooked and eaten Bacon’s balls.

    Grindr is clearly a symptom of a sick society. We need to return to a traditionalist framework in which homosexuals meet one another at church.