Monday 30 March 2020

Coronavirus in Romania: Monday 30 March

Raed Arafat said last night that in Romania there were 1,815 known Coronavirus cases, 52 patients were in intensive care and 43 people have died.

1,213 people are in quarantine and 162,374 are in self-isolation.

When the number of cases reaches 2000, as it will today, Romania goes up to level 4 of the lockdown.

Since movement restrictions were enforced, on March 25, almost 33,500 people have been fined, with fines totaling RON 46 million (EUR 9.5 million).

I adore long walks and had hoped to enjoy lots of them in deserted streets, but then they brought in the restrictions on movement. 
I left the house only to walk short distances at the weekend, intimidated because the old town in Bucharest, where I live, is full of policemen and women, enjoying the sunshine, chatting and not minding me. I'd love a long walk along the Dimbovita or Calea Victoriei. 

A sporty friend told me she went for a 8 km (5 mile) walk yesterday without any trouble.
Adevarul has a couple of stories of people with declarations written out and in order getting fined. One wanted to go into the centre of Timisoara from somewhere on the edge of town to a bakery that baked bread she liked. Although I too am a gourmand, I think they probably got her bang to rights.

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