Saturday 14 March 2020

Very hopeful news from the Orient

From the South China Morning Post, March 8.
"The Guangzhou team based their study on every novel coronavirus case confirmed around the world between January 20 and February 4, including in more than 400 Chinese cities and regions. These were then modelled against official meteorological data for January from across China and the capital cities of each country affected.
"The analysis indicated that case numbers rose in line with average temperatures up to a peak of 8.72 degrees Celsius and then declined."

(Acknowledgements, Mark Patton.)


  1. What I have in common with Italians are two grandchildren who are half-wop, and the Mussolini Fascist salute I reserve for friends and family. The latter should be enforced worldwide, as it keeps the virus away.

  2. Meanwhile, bishops in the Catholic province of Quebec (which includes a few parishes in Ontario), have agreed to cancel all Sunday Masses (including those of anticipation). Please, nobody ask me what I think of Quebec bishops.

    David Warren

  3. It has been shown that there's a positive correlation between the activity of sprinklers and the frequency of domestic disputes. Does one cause the other? No. Both have a common cause, namely the temperature. The hotter it gets the more active the sprinklers get and the more volatile the moods.

    What about the time variable? As time passes, the disease spreads and the spring approaches.

    As for the capital city... Rome is definitely more Mediterranean than Lombardy.